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Why are Moroccan women in distress? Why do they need training, encouragement and a sense of self-worth? Here is why women in Morocco need your impact.

One in every two women in morocco is illiterate

More than half of Moroccan women (15 years and older) are illiterate.

Rural women are more affected than their urban peers. 

In 2014, approximately 60% of rural Moroccan women were illiterate, compared with 31% of urban women.

The reasons for this high illiterate rate are many: Rural villages can be far away from schools; lack of transportation, girls being needed to help at home.

The Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) shows in a study that 19.8% of Moroccans between the ages of 6 and 22, nearly one in five, left school early.

Number of people who dropped out without obtaining a diploma or certification:

  • 23.9% in rural areas 

  • 13.1% in urban areas.


In terms of gender:

  • 20.2% of school-aged boys 

  • 19.3% of girls.

dropped out.

What is the reason for the early school drop-out?

The CSEFRS mentions the following reasons: 

  1. 33,8% exam failure and class repetition

  2. 11.7% low household income and poverty 

  3. 10.2% remoteness of schools 

  4. 9.8% the child’s refusal to pursue their studies 

  5. 7.9% the lack of school transportation

  6. 4.3% the futility of continuing education

  7. 4% marriage

  8. 3.1% the absence or lack of social support for schooling

  9. 2,6% the parent or guardian’s refusal to let the child pursue their studies

  10. 2,6% the exclusion of the child from studies

  11. 10,1% and other reasons

Here is how

you can

make an impact

Nearly one in every two women (47.6%) has no skills

Women with no education are forced to take low payed job such as domestic work or cleaning jobs.

Typically, domestic workers do not have paid sick leave and vacations. They could be fired at any time without severance pay. Many are subject to verbal and physical abuse and sexual harassment.

(Source: Morocco World News)

Through encouragement, training and empowerment these women can experience restoration. Through creative work, they discover their potential and will be able to use their gifts. Their dignity will be restored.

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