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Here is how

you can

make an impact

How can I impact lives of others who are not that privileged?

How can I help improve someone's life in distress?


If you have ever asked yourself this question, you are not alone. Let's look at one way, how you can help.

The idea

Dignivity is a social enterprise in Tangier, Morocco.

It began in 2017 with its purpose being to empower women in distress, improve their income through creative work and restore their dignity.

Dignity through creativity was born.

The Project

Dignivity trains women how to make jewelry from paper beads. Dignity and creativity comes together. Women learn how to create beauty and improve their living situation at the same time.  They are provided with the opportunity of working from home and at their own pace. Dignivity provides these women with sale and marketing services for their products. 

The women

For whom is Dignivity?

We exist for the single mother with young children, the widow, the divorcée, the young girl who dropped out of school, the wife who's husband is unemployed or sick. Those women are very vulnerable and marginalized and their situation can cause great distress.

Maybe you are wondering how else a purchase with Dignivity can make an impact?

Is providing a small extra income enough to change the life of a woman in distress?

How else can you contribute to restore dignity?

We have also pondered over this question. It is important to us that women experience a holistic change in their lives. Keep reading how your purchase impacts the life of a woman in distress.

The Passion

Illiteracy in Morocco is a huge problem, especially among women who are not always given the same opportunities. Dignvity is passionate about teaching women how to read and write, which is why a portion of each sale goes towards literacy classes.













Image by Usama
© Usama/ Unsplash

The mother can not help her child with homework - she is illiterate.

She can not read the announcements form her child's school - she is illiterate.

The young girl can not write a text message - she is illiterate.

She can not read the price tag at the shop - she is illiterate.

The list could go on. The ability to read price labels at the market, recognize the time, read street signs or even help their children with homework – will empower, improve livability and give these women a sense of self-worth and restore their dignity.

We would love to hear from you. Write us your questions or comments!

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Thank you so much!

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